Music Scholarship Competition Application

    Hanover College hosts scholarship competitions each year for prospective students to compete for awards based on their musical interests. Participation in the Music Scholarship Competition is by invitation only following admission into Hanover College and review of the submitted application below. 

    Invitations to compete for the Music Scholarship will be made after you have been notified of an admission decision and your Music application has been reviewed. 

    Scholarship and audition details:

    The Hanover College Music Scholarship is designed to honor talented high school students who have demonstrated a passion for band, orchestra or choir.

    This scholarship requires an audition for entry into any ensemble in which a student is interested. Continued participation in that ensemble is required for students to received this renewable $1,500 award.

    Auditions for either type of ensemble should include a conversation about a student's musical experience and ambitions. Auditions are a way to show passion and enjoyment of music - it should be viewed as a positive, affirming experience. Put your best foot forward and enjoy it!

    Auditions for Band/Orchestra

    Students auditioning for band or orchestra will have two options: A) Play short sight-reading exercises provided by the director at the time of the audition or to B) prepare two short pieces contrasting in style (fast v. slow, for example).

    Passages of about one page in length taken from longer works such as study pieces or solo literature are acceptable. Piano accompaniment is not required.

    Auditions for Choir

    Students auditioning for choir will begin with a range test for placement within the choir, singing five-note scales with the piano, moving upward or downward by half-steps (otherwise known as a warm-up).

    Students will then be given the four-part choral sheet music for "My Country 'Tis of Thee." The director will ask students to identify the position of their voice on the score (soprano, alto, tenor or bass), the clef, time signature, the signs for sharps and flats and a few pitches. Students will be asked to sing the melody of the song with lyrics. If preferred, students may sing their voice part if not soprano.

    Students are welcome, but not required, to prepare and perform a song or aria from standard classical solo vocal literature in any language. In this case, students wishing to perform with accompaniment should bring their own electronic device. However, accompaniment is not required.

    Questions? Please contact Brett Eppley, assistant director of admission/communication specialist, at or 812-866-7117.

    Registration is no longer available because the registration deadline has passed.